Wildlife Friendly Herbs

Herbs are the perfect all-purpose garden plants. Most are fabulous if you want to attract a variety of insects into your garden.

The flowers of thymes and mints provide a rich source of nectar for solitary bees.

No wildlife garden would be complete without lavender, during summer months, lavender bushes are literally buzzing with the traffic of bumble bees. 

Fennel flowers are a fantastic source of nectar for late summer insects, particularly favoured by garden hover flies, the larvae of which are predators of aphids. 

Borage is extremely popular with bees and produces wonderful honey.

Marjoram, with its pin cushion flowers provide midsummer nectar for a host of insects. 

Hyssop flowers from June til October, this flower will attract  beneficial pollinators particularly hover flies and bees to your veg plot. 

Rosemary provides beautiful winter and spring flowers which are welcomed by early foraging bees.

 Chives  shouldn't be underestimated, both bees and butterflies will feast on their pink flowers. 



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