Growing Tips

If you are growing herbs for the first time, choose a warm sunny position.

Most herbs grow best when they are planted in well drained compost. It is often a good idea to plant into pots and tubs. Raised beds are also a great place to grow culinary herbs, this can also keep the herbs away from pets. 

Dont forget to feed your herbs throughout the growing season. I recommend an organic Seaweed fertiliser. 

 A herb basket can be made to order locally. Sorry I can't  post these !


* Don't cut away more than one third of the plant at any moment in time. Your plant may not survive the experience.

* Always plant herbs somewhere that is easily accessible eg doorstep or window basket .

* Frequent little snips will encourage a healthy herb with plenty of greenery.

* Pests can usually be easily eliminated with a drop of dish-washing detergent in  a large jug of water sprayed over the foliage, including the underneath. (Be sure to wash it off before eating.)

* Any herbs that start to lose their colour, or look tall without much foliage, are probably suffering from lack of sunlight.

* Use a fertilizer approved for edible plants approximately monthly.  I find seaweed extract to be  very effective.

 James Wong helps out with  creating a culinary herb box at The Whitehaven Home and Garden Show.

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